ABC 2001

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Litter born on Leap Year Day-
February 29, 2000
Sire- Ch Hi -Tech's Johnny J of Boxerton
Dam- Ch Huffand's Arriba of KKn'K

Update - Fancee/Johny pups win big at ABC 2001

View pedigree here

2001 ABC Grand Prize Futurity Winner
Handled by Jack Brown

Nastinan's Lovelace "Lacy"
Breeder/Owner: Deborah Marshall/Dr. Chris Schweizer DVM
Lacey took WB both days at Wyoming Valley & Olean K.C. owner/handled


Luna won the Reserve 12-15 futurity ...
she lost to her littersister Lacey
Luna placed 4th in the 12-18 class handled by Kim Pastella

Nastinan's Lovesong "Luna"
Owners: Lynda Maywalt/Deborah Marshall
Luna took WB,BW,BOS at the Ladies K.Assoc.of America handled by Kim Pastella


Lazer placed 2nd in the 12-15 Futurity Class & 1st in the American Bred Fawn Dog Class
Lazar is Major pointed from the 9/12 puppy class

Ch Nastinan's Love me Tender
Owner: Lori Renda-Francis


And not to be out done

Litter born on Sept. 24, 2000
Sire- Ch Hi -Tech's Johnny J of Boxerton
Dam- Ch Kami-Ko'N Kini's Creekwood Kiss

View pedigree here

Nastinan's MagicMaker

Owner: Deborah Marshall

Mister took WD,BW, BOS at the Wyoming Valley K.C. 6/9 class owner/handled

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Deborah Marshall

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