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debport1.jpg - 14029 Bytes Our beginning....Quietly breeding show quality boxers since 1979. Numerous quality boxers have finished their championships, many of them owner handled. Temperament, health and quality is our number one goal. Our other goal is to produce American Boxer Club sires and dams of merit. We have come close to reaching that goal but that accomplishment has alluded us thus far.

Our 1st show quality boxer arrived from Huffand Boxers. After researching the bloodlines and type that appealed to our "eye", it was decided to find something that went back to the "Flintwood" "Arriba" lines.

We owe everything we are today to John and Carole Connolly and Jerry and Linda Huffman. They took a chance on an unknown person interested in boxers and showing. They placed their best bitch with us, Huffand's Nice 'N Spice or "Nancy" as we knew her. She was a lovely fawn girl of 5 months when we got her, all I could think of was "she looks like a giraffe"! She went on to become a 'once in a lifetime' boxer.

Nancy Now mind you, I had never shown in my life, so I set about learning. I attended every handling class I could. I also asked thousands of questions of my mentors, John and Carole Connolly. Finally "Nancy" was 7 months old.

Carole suggested we come up to the Michigan Boxer Club Specialty to show her and allow them to see how she was coming along. Lo and behold she won her 6-9 class with me handling her. Well!! I was truly bitten by the show bug!!! I was too afraid and inexperienced to take her back into the winners class, so thankfully Linda Huffman was available. Carole & John persuaded me to continue on and follow through with "Nancy".

Our next show was one month later in Cleveland, the Western Reserve Christmas Classic and the Ohio Boxer Club Specialty. Nancy's brother, Huffand's Nice Enough "Norman" went Reserve from the 6-9 class with Linda Huffman handling. Well, I just hoped to make the cut under judge Bob Ligon. We won our class and were way back at the end of the line in the winners class being a 6-9 month puppy. As a novice and only in my second show, handling my own puppy, I guess I did not really comprehend what was going on. We (Nancy & I) were asked to move up behind the open bitch, which Linda Huffman was handling. Mr. Ligon asked us to move, one more time, and then said something to me. I still didn't hear what he said, but thanks to Linda Hufman and her help, she repeated to me what Mr. Ligon had said....Linda's words to me..."He said you are winners"!!!! As you can imagine a scene ensued in the ring with lots of hugging & kissing! I'm glad Linda didn't hold the win against us as she went Reserve! We had just won our 1st 5 point major!

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Deborah Marshall

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