Ch Nastinan's Lovelace
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Ch Nastinan's Lovelace
Whelped February 29, 2000 - gone to Rainbow Bridge November 12, 2010

Sire- Ch Hi -Tech's Johnny J of Boxerton
Dam- Ch Huffand's Arriba of KKn'K

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" Lacy finished her championship in
9 shows undefeated with her breeder/owner/handler"


Lacy" will forever be a "spit fire" in my heart; the measuring stick for my show dogs to come. She fought her battle against Degenerative Myleopathy like the champion she truly was. With hopes of helping research against this disease that robs their body, but leaves their mind intact, Lacy's spine and brain were donated to the University of Missouri to aid  in Dr. Coates research. I'll never be able to do this again, as I didn't want her body invaded, but brought myself peace by interring her remains under our pine trees, the final resting place for all the Nastinan Boxers. I'll always love you Lacy, you were MY girl! I look forward to the day that Dear God would allow us to be together when I cross the Rainbow Bridge. Rest well my dearest companion!

2001 ABC Grand Prize Futurity Winner
Handled by Jack Brown

Nastinan's Lovelace "Lacy"
Breeder/Owner: Deborah Marshall/Dr. Chris Schweizer DVM

"Lacy" Nastinan's Lovelace won WB,BOW & BOB over 2 specials at the Genesee Valley KC under judge Annella Cooper,

Lacy is shown finishing her champion title under j. C. Herendeen by going BOS over top specials, breeder/owner handled.

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Deborah Marshall


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