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The beginning for us, of course was Nancy. What a beginning she was!

It was an interesting way that our kennel name came about. We had brand-new furniture in every room of the house and of course Nancy had her crate. Well, you just can't keep such a special girl in a crate -- can you??

She had free rein in the house and managed to chew almost every piece of furniture we had, many times we said "Nasty Nancy" Hence, as a tribute to this great bitch, our kennel name ended up as 'NASTINAN' When it came time to breed 'Nancy' we again relied on Our Mentors John & Carole to decide what stud dog would best compliment her.

Am/Can Ch Wincaster's Tyger of Huffand was chosen as the sire.

Eight beautiful pups were born on April 1, 1982 (Nancy's birthday) Never were we to dream that 4 show quality pups were in that litter!

The brindle boy went to John & Carole. His name was Huffand's Rite Nice, call name "Rusty'. We kept the fawn bitch, Nastinan's Ace Up Our Sleeve. We co-owned, with Allen Napier of Ohio, Nastinan's Ace of Spades, a brindle girl. The last brindle girl, Nastinan's Ace in the Hole, went to Rhonda Kofron in Iowa.

I have been a member of the Boxer Club of Western New York since 1979 and an American Boxer Club member since 1981.

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